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The U.S. Virgin Islands is a triple threat: three isles, three styles, all accessible to U.S. citizens without cracking open a passport. St. Thomas is the most developed and easily accessible of the sunny trio, with regular flights from all over the U.S. It's a beach-lover's dream — strands run the gamut from tiny coves tucked into the scalloped coastline to Magens Bay, one of the most beautiful in the world. St. John is accessible only by ferry from St. Thomas and is two-thirds national park, with winding trails leading through marine forests populated with wild burros and dazzling lookouts (some topped by stone ruins) over quiet beaches. 


Groom Fashions

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He’s the groom. He gets to wear what he wants

Even if the last word you’d use to describe your fiancé is “clotheshorse,” chances are he’s secretly psyched to pull out all the stops on his wedding day. For most men, that means a sharp suit or tux tailored to perfection, a high-quality dress shirt that fits just so, a polished pair of kicks and maybe even a cool new set of cuff links. But all too often, the chance for self-expression is missing from the timeworn groom’s uniform. While a guy can—and should—look to established rules of dress to guide his choices, he shouldn’t be afraid to flout them and show off a little personality. With a huge selection of brands

41 Unique Wedding Rings

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Your engagement ring isn't the only special piece of jewelry you'll be wearing on your wedding day—your wedding band, too, should be as unique and special as your engagement ring! After all, while the engagement ring represents a promise, the wedding ring seals the deal. Long gone are the days of sleek and simple gold and platinum bands; now, there are plenty of ways to make your mark with your bridal band.  Bridal Magazine